Privacy Policy

Cancellation & Refunds

* We reserve the right to cancel an order in

case the order request is not acceptable to us

Upon such cancellation, we will give you full

refund. Any such cancellation shall be at the

sole discretion of Mirana and you will have no

right to contest the same. The reasons for

cancellation could be due to non-availability

of the Product/s, inaccuracy in Product or

pricing information or due to reasons of any

fraud or wrong usage of payment mechanism

adopted by you. Any cancellation will be

intimated to you by us over phone or mail.

* In the event you desire to cancel any order

then, such cancellation must be done prior to

the dispatch of the Product/s to you. Once

dispatched, we will not accept any

cancellation request from your end. Please call

us or email us at

to notify us about the cancellation.

* If you cancel part of the order, shipping

charges will not be refunded

If the order is cancelled by us, lost or un-

delivered to your preferred location, we will

provide you full refund including shipping


* In all monetary refunds, we reserve the right

to choose the mode of refund. The refund

payment will be made by way of online

transfer as per our preference within 7 days

after confirmation from us. Confirmation is

subject to quality confirmation and

acceptance by us as per policy. The money

amount refunded will be amount what is paid

to us after discounts/ promotions.

* For any further queries regarding

cancellation/refunds, please email us at :